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Attendance Office

Tracking Absences

All Students: Please be aware—a phone call will go home every night you’re marked absent. If you are absent from school or there is an error in your attendance, you only have 5 days to excuse or clear that absence. You must be proactive in keeping track of your own attendance and clearing up any errors within the 5 days. Check with the Attendance Office to find out how to fix any errors. This timeline is per district policy.

Early Release

All Parents: If you need to have your child released early from school, please call the attendance office after 7:30 am, or one hour prior to pick-up time.  This will give us sufficient time to locate your child and give him/her an off-campus pass to meet you at the requested time.

Students will only be released to adults with valid I.D. and parental/guardian permission.

Clearing Absences

It is a parent/guardian's responsibility to verify an absence within 5 days or the absence remains as a truancy on the student's attendance record. A parent note or phone call (815-3491) is the only way an absence can be cleared. It is expected that absences will be cleared within 24 hours.

When leaving a voicemail to clear an absence, please leave your name, student's name and I.D. number, the date, and the reason for the absence. Please provide documentation of doctor/dental/court appointments whenever possible. The student will receive an excused absence when a parent has contacted the attendance office with a note or phone call within 5 days and identified the absence as:

  1. Illness
  2. Doctor appointments (medical/dental)
  3. Family religious observance
  4. Court appearance

All other absences are unexcused.

If your student is excessively absent, parents will receive a phone call and/or a letter sent in the mail. The student may also be reported to the District Office. Progressive discipline consequences are given for continuing tardies. Tardies are not excused.