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Welcome to Azusa High School Activities Office! The Activities office supports the development of our students to pursue their passions into activities that teach them values, lifelong skills, and make meaningful contributions as citizens of our community.  We encourage student involvement in activities such as clubs that encompass artistic expressions, environmental protection, academic achievements, leadership roles and competitive excellence in our athletics.  We promote school spirit and support our ASB/Leadership students with events such as dances, class competitions and community outreach. We believe it is important for students to have the opportunity to explore different avenues and make connections that will make their time at Azusa High School a memorable and rewarding experience. 

The Activities office may assist you with questions regarding:

  • Fundraising events
  • Clubs
  • Senior events
  • Student Store
  • Dances & class competitions
  • Yearbook
  • Sports
  • School calendar

You may reach the Activities office at (626) 815-5225.  We look forward to assisting you and continuing to support the Aztec pride! 

Once an Aztec, Always an Aztec!

ASB Information

What is ASB?
Associated Student Body (ASB) is Azusa High student government is elected to represent the entire student body.

What does ASB do?
Azusa High ASB encourages student involvement by providing a wide variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular student activities.  Most of these activities offer the students the opportunity to develop skills of leadership, cooperation, empathy, responsibility, and goal-setting.  ASB is also responsible for raising and managing student funds and to pay for student activities.  

Why should I buy an ASB card?
ASB cards will provide students with free admission to all AHS home regular season Montview League athletic events, discounts to dances, other special activities, and yearbook purchases.  Money raised through the purchase of an ASB card is used to pay for student events, student conferences, event officials, game workers, and other student activity/club expenses.

How do I get involved in ASB?
Students who are interested in ASB and Leadership class must submit an application to enroll.  After the application is submitted, students interview with the ASB advisor. Requirements to be a part of student leadership include, but are not limited to:

  1. students must have a 2.0 total grade point average, or higher.

  2. students must have no debts at school

  3. students must maintain high personal standards of honesty and respect for others.

  4. students must be wiling to work hard and be humble.

Activities office.

2024-25 ASB Cabinet

ASB President: Valerie Palacios
ASB Vice-President: Aubrey Gomez
ASB Secretary: Ximena Rubio
ASB Treasurer: Oscar Reed
ASB Sergeant-at-Arms: Alex Rivas

Class Officers

Sr. Governor: Angelina Gonzales
Sr. Lt. Governor: 
Jr. Governor: Sheyla Hernandez
Jr. Lt. Governor: Denisse Aranda
Soph. Governor: Angel Rodriguez-Marquez
Soph. Lt. Governor: Alexa Sanchez
Freshman Governor: 
Freshman Lt. Governor: 

Quick Files

Formal Meeting and Sign In Form

Student Funds

All money that comes into, and goes out of, ASB is considered "student funds." All merchandise and equipment purchased or donated to Azusa High School for student activities or athletics is considered property of the school district.


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