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Administration of Justice

Administration of Justice

Course will be offered Fall 2023

ROP Forensic Science   ROP12
Forensic science is a college preparatory course. It introduces and builds upon the major academic themes of Biology and Chemistry, utilizing lectures, demonstrations, problem-solving, a variety of reading and research materials (non-fiction and fiction), and in-depth, hands-on laboratory activities and experiments within a forensic context. Concepts of chemistry, biology, and physical science covered in the forensics class are closely aligned with and in some cases more rigorous than the California State Standards. The course emphasizes problem-solving skills, higher-level critical thinking skills, hands-on lab experience, writing and explication skills, and career pathways. The content focus is on the science concepts themselves within a context where physical and biological evidence collected at a crime scene is analyzed. Lab techniques include the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, and medicine. Furthermore, students will be engaged in forensic case studies, leadership projects, written projects, and debates. Students will be engaged in extensive in-depth written projects including lab reports and research papers. Students will also develop links with government agencies in order to appreciate the various careers available in the criminal justice system. This course meets the “G” requirement for a-g.