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Arts Media & Entertainment

Arts, Media & Entertainment Pathway

This course meets UC a-g for “f-Visual & Performing Arts”
This course provides students with an in-depth experience with digital production such as Font End Web Design, Digital Production, Multimedia, Video, and Print Media. In this program, students receive a foundation of up-to-date classroom instruction using today’s latest software and state-of-the-art Windows and Mac computers while using Adobe Creative Suite Applications. The University of California has approved Graphic Arts/Multimedia as meeting the one-year requirement under f-Visual & Performing Arts.  This course is part of a defined sequence and a pathway of courses in the Arts, Media and Entertainment Industry Sector as defined by the California Department of Education.  Since the sequences vary by high school and sponsoring districts, students are strongly encouraged to contact their counselors for information.  All ROP course outlines contain training and assessment plans that identify the instructional unit and activities where industry sector CTE Anchor and Pathway Standards are taught or reinforced.  Occupational Skills Certificates issued to ROP students who maintain a course GPA of B or higher were developed in cooperation with the appropriate employer advisory board created under E.C. 52302.2 and updated during annual industry sector advisory meetings.

Intro to Drama FA614
This is a one-year course - two consecutive semesters. This course will build on the foundational skill in a variety of technical and performance disciplines to create project-based live performances in theatre and musical theatre. Students will explore portfolio preparation for live and film/video performance. Students will also be introduced to the business/managerial careers associated with live theatrical performance. This course meets the “F” requirement for a-g.  

Advanced Drama FA616
This course will apply skills in theatrical performance to create project-based performances in theatre, musical theatre, film, and video production. Students will prepare audition or direction portfolios, learn business/managerial skills, and develop a professional career plan.  This course meets the “F” requirement for a-g.